History of Greenfield Lodge of Elks #1296: 1984 - 2000

In 1986, the prestigious, first “Elk Of The Year” award was presented to PER Edmund Gamelin for his dedication in and willingness to work for the advancement of the Lodge.

Seventy Fifth Diamond Jubilee Anniversary
January 7, 1988

Our Lodge celebrated the 75th Anniversary on January 7, 1988 with the initiation of seventy six new members. This was the largest class to be initiated since the early seventy’s, and will be a great addition to our rolls.

The Anniversary Ball was held on Saturday, January 9th with the presentation of awards by the chairman of the anniversary Sebastien Ruggeri.. The Lodge owes a great debt of gratitude to him who worked very hard to put all the events of the anniversary. He proposed fifty-two candidates for this class.

Some of the incidents and events conducted by our Lodge include the following: Blood Banks were conducted and supervised by the Lodge; Father, sons & Daughters Nights were held in each February; Children’s Christmas Parties were held each year; sport’s Nights with presentations for high School and grade schools; Veterans Nights were held in respect to our fighting men and ladies, Monthly Vets Pizza parties at Leeds. Our annual Scholarship Golf tournament; Nationality nights, sponsors of Little League Baseball, Football, basketball teams.

Three, One Thousand Dollar Scholarship Awards, that are awarded to Greenfield High School Senior, Frontier Regional & Mohawk Regional Schools. Also, a Christmas party dinner is hosted for the “United Arc of Franklin-Hampshire county”. The Lodge Rooms have been made available to different charitable organizations without charge.

In effect the Lodge has been supportive of all events worthy of their consideration.

In 1989 the O’Brien property at 111 Federal St. was purchased for $165,000. And the Lodge donated heavily to the Fire Department for it’s request for the “Jaws of Life” and Ice Sled. A big jump to the future when the Lodge purchased a Computer System for $5,000. AS the notion was for all the Lodges to eventually be tied into the Grand Lodge.

During the 1990’s, women were formally being initiated into the Elk’s, and the Emblem Club asked for the information regarding membership. On the national level, several Lodges had already initiated women into the Order, however, no one has proposed a women as of yet.

In 1997, Shwney Markwell was proposed and joined the Lodge. Sponsorship for Pop Warner football was initiated, and the Community Meals program was formulated.  In keeping with the motto that "A Vet will never be forgotten", the Vets Pizza Party's were developed eith the V.A. at Leeds for one saturday a month. Many of our own vets helped with this program.  Dennis Moore, Vets Chairman has kept this program going to this day.  The management, operation and control of the club was changed to a governing body which consisted of the five Trustees and four sitting Officers.

1998 - 1999 Our 85th Anniversary,  the Lodge Hall, Kitchen and the Heritage room were refinished.  New folding doors were set in place to accomodate more than one party or conference.



In 1997, Shawny Markwell was proposed and joined the Lodge. There being no questions among the members and she was readily welcomed.

Sponsorship for Pop Warner Football was initiated, and the Community Meals program was formulated. In keeping with the motto that “A Vet will never be forgotten”, the Vets Pizza Party’s were developed with the V.A. at Leeds for one Saturday a month, where$300 in pizzas, fruit and sodas were presented at the Bingo games. Many of our own Vets helped with this program. Dennis Moore, Vets chairman has kept this program going to this day. Also this year, the Management, operation and control of the Club was changed to a Governing Body which consisted of the five Trustees and four sitting Officers. This provides continuity in management.

1998 was our 85th Anniversary, with hats & coffee mugs depicting this event. Also plans for renovating the Bar area is progressing and should be in place soon.

1999 was repainting the Lodge Hall, Kitchen and developing the Heritage Room with all PER’s photos & term of office. New folding doors were also set in place. And memorabilia of the first 85 years were presented in the Ritual Room hallway & anti room.

2000 At the request of the Mass. State Elks Association, the Map Book Project was instituted with PER John Gilman developing a Full Color Map of each Lodge with directions from all points of entry. After visiting each Lodge in the State, it was presented at the State Convention in Falmouth.


Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks

1984 Edward A. Bartak
1985 Louis K. Kosloski
1986 Michael F. Ruggeri
1987 William Cheney
1988 Edward A. Pepyne
1989 John P. O'Connell
1990 Brian McKenna
1991 Paul R. Keller
1992 Bruce R. Hagen
1993 Robert C. Mott
1994 Harols S. Breite
1995 Gary B. Noga
1996 Raymond G. Perry Jr.
1997 Paul Orszulak
1998 John W. Gilman
1999 Frederick D. Ulrich

Calendar of Events

Golf League
Wed, Jul 17, 3:30 pm

Vets Lunch Building Bridges
Thu, Jul 18, 12:00 pm

Lodge Closed Monday
Mon, Jul 22, 12:00 pm

BOD & Lodge Meeting
Tue, Jul 23, 6:00 pm

Golf League
Wed, Jul 24, 3:30 pm

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Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks