History of Greenfield Lodge of Elks #1296: 1924 - 1950


With the passing of the years, the Lodge grew and prospered, and contributed much to the community life of Greenfield and of the County.

Under charity, the first principle of our Order, the Lodge remembered the poor each Christmas by presenting baskets filled with food and distributed in different towns in the County. Substantial gifts were made to the Franklin county Public Hospital, the Farren Memorial Hospital, and other worth-while institutions.

In August, 1929, ground was broken and construction started for the New Addition to the Elks Home. It was to be located on the east side of the original building and was constructed by George H. Reed & Company, Inc., of Greenfield, building contractors. Joseph H. Cullen of Greenfield was the architect. From the best information available at this time, the new addition was to cost the Lodge the sum of $35,000, but because ledge was encountered and certain variations requested during construction, an additional $6,800 was paid. This New Addition has been used in great part by the Lodge for practically all of its functions, and the Lodge Room therein contained will be dedicated during this Anniversary in memory of Charter Member and Past Exalted Ruler William G. Burns. The Star of Fidelity which glows over the emblems in our Lodge was a gift of the Springfield Lodge of Elks. The Building Committee for the New Addition consisted of the following: Richard A. McGillicudy, MD, Arthur Rist, George Pfefferle, August Keller and Edward P. Shanahan. Brother George Pfefferle and August Keller were close friends and for many years would be seen in the Lodge Room enjoying its facilities. Many remember Brother George as a small man who enjoyed smoking cigars. The usual comment heard about the Lodge was “George chewed more of the cigars than he ever smoked,” and when he was through with the cigar, it went sailing across the room only to miss the large urn, striking the wall, decorating it with George’s trademarks. He was well loved by all and known to many throughout the valley. He was a member of the House Committee and the Building Committee for the addition and for many years contributed much to the success of the Lodge.

During the 1930’s, PER James J. Burns and Brother George Corsiglia initiated the familiar Nationality Nights at the Lodge in order to add to the financing of the Lodge. These were trying times and they proved very successful, resourceful and pleasant to the members.


In the year 1938, the Greenfield Lodge of Elks celebrated its 25th Anniversary. A banquet was held with the testimonial to the Charter members of the Lodge. Dr. James Tierney and suite who initially organized the Lodge returned to Greenfield for this celebration. The affair was held at the Mansion House and Judge Leon McCord of Montgomery, Alabama was speaker for the event. Dancing at the Elks’ home followed the banquet. The 25th Anniversary Class was the following: Arthur J. Flynn, John Leo Conway, Michael J. Murphy Dennis H. Campbell, John J. O’Hara and Hugh Langan. The Chairman of the 25th Anniversary Committee was PER James J. Burns, who was a Sergeant on the Greenfield Police Force and was instrumental in sponsoring numerous members in our Lodge. All members of this class were sponsored by PER Burns.



Clarence Clement Howard W. Spat
Edward F. Kittredge Harold S. McCarthy
Kenneth A. Gennett George H. Pallman
Edward A. Ostrowski Carroll J. Lawler
Francis M. Carroll J. Francis Courtney
A. Lyle Coleman Joseph G. Stone
John J. Mackin Dennis H. Campbell
Richard C. Hall Stephen Walonske
Thomas F. Barney George L. Skolfield
Roy D. McCarthy Rosario C. Charron
Frank T. Deery Bernard S. Miller
Fred A Jalicki Donald J. Newton
J. Leo Conway Stanley Plizga
M. Joe Murphy Reginald Anderson
Acilio R. Sandri Robert R. Peno Jr
Paul M Corsiglia Joseph Soleman
Marios L. Metaxas Euripides L. Metaxas

Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks

1924 Arthur Rist
1925 William A. Ball
1926 Edward J. McCabe
1927 Chrale E L'Ecuyer
1928 Clifford J. Akey
1929 R.A. McGullicudy
1930 Owen B. Ferguson
1931 Rene N. Giard
1932 James J. Burns Jr.
1933 Frederic E. Pierce
1934 Edward P. Shanahan
1935 Ralph A. Henderson
1936 Frank T. Deery
1937 Alvin H. Dobbrow
1938 Samuel Blassberg
1939 Thomas C. Boylan
1940 Acilio R. Sandri
1942 Herbert N. Graham
1942 Robert R. Peno
1943 Charles J. Herter
1944 J. Leo Conway
1945 Francis A. Farrell
1946 Joseph I. Erickson
1947 Harold J. Fortin
1948 Patrick A. Ryan
1949 Felix J. Cerrato
1950 Stephen Wolanske

Calendar of Events

Charlie Kestyn PER Birthday
Thu, Jun 20, 12:00 pm

Vets Lunch Building Bridges
Thu, Jun 20, 12:00 pm

Chad Wright PER Birthday
Fri, Jun 21, 12:00 pm

BOD & Lodge Meeting & Initiation
Tue, Jun 25, 6:00 pm

Vets Lunch Building Bridges
Thu, Jun 27, 12:00 pm

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Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks